Chris Murray is an American filmmaker and cinematographer. His works range from narrative fiction films, to non-fiction documentaries, action sports, music videos, commercial spots and more.

Murray is recently just coming off the feature film Big Kill shot in Santa Fe, NM starring Lou Diamond Phillips and Danny Trejo. Currently working on a project for Tim Heidecker’s Abso Lutely Productions produced On-Cinema Oscar Special; his previous credentials include work showcased by companies such as Amazon Prime, American Apparel, Adult Swim, NBC, Discovery, The New York Post, The United Nations and online. He has also acted as the 2nd Unit Director and Behind the Scenes cinematographer on the U.K. produced film, Shooting Clerks, which stars the cast and crew of the original film Clerks, written and directed by Kevin Smith, who has also personally endorsed the film, leading to articles from Entertainment Weekly and IGN.

Additionally, Murray has served as Director of Photography for a short film, The Burning Tree, which won Best Cinematography at the Philadelphia 2014 Project Twenty One Film Festival, as well as winning Best Short Film of NJ Shorts Fest 2015 & Best NJ Drama Short Film of Hang on to Your Shorts Film Festival 2015.

Murray began his career in the active duty military serving in the United States Air Force as an F-15 aircraft technician when, traveling, he picked up an admiration for still photography and cinematography. He later transferred to Philadelphia and began studying Film & Media Arts at Temple University, as well as minored in General Business Studies. While having admiration for 16mm / 35mm film, Murray is just as involved in digital formats ranging from DSLR’s to RED Cinema Cameras.

Murray is also an experienced drone operator, editor, photographer, writer and director.